Are you a manufacturer? Has your company been hurt by import trade? We work with many manufacturers and we understand the challenges that have negatively impacted your business over the last few years. If your business is located in the Mid-Atlantic states region (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia) there may be help available through The MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (MATAAC).

Grant assistance is now available through The MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (MATAAC) that is specifically tailored toward manufacturers that have been negatively impacted by foreign imports. The federally funded grants, which cover up to 75% of the costs of projects under $30,000 and 50% for ones exceeding that amount, can be accessed by small, mid-sized and large companies from a variety of industries throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

The assistance is used to engage the services of outside experts that work directly with you and your team on projects specific to your company’s needs. Some restrictions apply, but as long as you’re focused on competitiveness strengthening, virtually anything under the umbrella of General Continuous Improvement can be addressed.

There is no cost to see if your firm is eligible for the program and all inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

MATAAC receives funding through the Economic Development Administration (EDA), under the U.S. Department of Commerce, through the national Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Firms program.

To learn more contact MATAAC Director William Bujalos and tell him you learned about the program from PositiveROI.