Our goal is to provide a variety of resources here for businesses as they begin continue their journey of continuous improvement.

The books below are written as novels to tell the story of applying Lean principals, Six Sigma and Eli and Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints.

Written in a fast-paced thriller style, The Goal, a gripping novel, is transforming management thinking throughout the world. Alex Rogo is a harried plant manager working ever more desperately to try improve performance. Read more and buy it today to begin the transformation in your company.


Shingo Prize Research winner in 2006
The Gold Mine: a Novel of Lean Turnaround deftly weaves together the technical and human pieces of implementing lean manufacturing in an engaging story that readers will find both compelling and instructive. Read more and buy it today.


From Jeff Cox, the same creative writer who co-authored The Goal, comes VELOCITY, the book that reveals how to achieve outstanding bottom-line results by integrating the world’s three most powerful continuous improvement disciplines: Lean, Six Sigma, and Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. Read more and buy it today.


Author and CEO Jim Lancaster tells a practical and inspiring story on two levels. It’s a close-up, candid look at his personal transformation as a leader. It’s also a practical, in-depth, business case study of Lantech’s lean transformation, relapse, and comeback that American manufacturing – and other industries – can use to profitably transform themselves. Read more and buy it today.