Fractional COO / Part-Time COO Services

Could your company benefit by having an experienced senior operations leader that has expertise across a wide variety of disciplines join your team?

  • Are you sure your business processes and people are aligned with your business objectives?
  • Is your business operating as efficiently as possible and at the lowest cost?
  • Do you have major initiatives that just never seem to get completed?

A fractional or part-time COO 2 or 3 days per week might be a good answer to help you get your business running at its best, aligning your team on the same page and driving success.

Here are common services provided by a fractional COO executive:

  1. Operational Assessment and Alignment

Regardless of how you define ‘operations’ in your business, the same basic concepts and principles apply to all industries. The core principals of operational assessment and alignment have to do with efficiency. Every operational area and process from sales, to logistics, internal communications, accounting and bookkeeping can be reviewed and a detailed assessment and plan can be developed.

  1. Project Leadership

A company may need needs assistance executing a specific, time-sensitive project. Rather than attempting to make a full-time hire for a short-term need, a company can bring a fractional COO to provide the expertise in a specific field the organization is lacking. This can include software and technology, implementing a new sales channel or integrating a recently acquired division. A fractional COO will bring the experience and know-how to collaborate with senior management and team members while completing the time-sensitive task.

  1. Strategic Adviser

In the capacity of interim COO, a fractional or part-time COO may often play the role of sounding board or trusted advisor for the CEO.  They provide an objective, non-biased appraisal of the “current state” while assisting in developing plans for the “future state” and then providing support for execution.

PositiveROI can provide fractional or part-time COO services and through their team of trusted strategic partners can provide any additional support or services required ensure success.

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