Operations & Process Improvement

Does your company use the RFA – Ready, Fire, Aim – approach when making decisions? Our focus is to help companies become more intentional in their planning, decision making and implementation as they go through change and continuous improvement.

We help you create the framework and systems to execute and accomplish your goals and do this through a structured process of Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA).


  • Understand the current state
  • Gain a clear understanding what improvements or changes should be made
  • What are the dependencies, people, equipment or systems, required to support the plan
  • Define what success would look like
  • Develop the plan to implement the change


  • Carry out the plan, often as a test case or comparison
  • Capture observations, results and data to be used in the next phase


  • Study and evaluate the results
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and measure against goals and objectives defined in Plan phase


  • What changes need to be made?
  • Create documentation, manuals and procedures
  • Train employees
  • Implement change
  • Begin next cycle

Through this process of continuous analysis, planning, implementation, evaluation and iteration we can improve your company’s ability to solve problems, manage change and see the Positive ROI.

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